Alarm System

LYNX Touch Alarm System / Honeywell Lyric / Qolsys Q2.

We offer a security system to protect you from vandalism, burglary, home intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas. Our alarm systems can be compatible either by telephony, internet or cellular.

  • A complete security system that adapts to all infrastructures, doors and windows.
  • A smoke detector, carbon monoxide, propane and natural gas.
  • The detection of water damage.
  • The VOIP compatible alarm system The detection of water damage.
  • The VOIP compatible alarm The fire alarm system and panic button.
  • The VOIP compatible alarm The Control of inputs and outputs with time.

Automation and energy management.

The “Smart Scene” setup wizard allows you to configure scenes that focus on energy saving, ambience and comfort. The user receives detailed instructions for a quality experience and takes full advantage of his connected home or business.

  • An excellent way to maximize your comfort, save energy by reducing your consumption and, as a result, utility bills, conserve natural resources, while enjoying a comfortable and efficient lifestyle.
  • Control locks remotely and allow access to employees, service technicians, babysitters or your loved ones at any time.
  • Watch for activities and receive videos or email alerts when doors are open.