Safety Instructions

  • Use your alarm system properly.
  • Experience shows that 95% of intrusion attempts are blocked by triggering a siren.
  • The purpose of the alarm system is to put the burglar to flight and trigger quick assistance.


  • Placed in strategic places, (door, staircase, window, ..)
  • The detectors monitor your home 24 hours a day.
  • When triggered, the central monitoring station is notified.


  • Users Guide :
    LYNX Touch 5210
  • Users Guide :


  • Quickly, electronic keyboards allow you to turn on and off your system, partially or totally.

To warn

  • The Central Station receives the information from the detectors and the electronic keypad.
  • In the event of an alarm, it automatically transmits the alert to the people of your choice and to the central monitoring station, which warns the authorities.


  • Sirens are the main deterrents of the alarm system.
  • The siren weakens and deters the intruder.

Some tips and tricks

  • Before going out and entering, make sure all doors and windows are tightly closed.
  • Take your keys well before arriving at your home, especially at night, so you can open the door quickly.
  • If you have a chimney in your home, be sure to turn it off before sleeping.
  • Discuss with your neighbors the possibility of monitoring your home when you are away, especially during your vacation.
  • Leave the lights outside lit every night.
  • Keep a detailed list of your belongings.
  • Do not leave your keys in visible places.